bookywooks – my favorites over the years

Favorite childhood books: Little Golden Books Berenstain Bears Shel Silverstein Favorite books in elementary: Cam Jansen Mysteries The Boxcar Children The Baby-Sitters Club Favorite authors in high school: Lois Duncan Lois Lowry Ann Brashares Meg Cabot J.K. Rowling V.C. Andrews  Favorite books ever: Alice In Wonderland Night Circus Breakfast at Tiffany's In Cold Blood IT Among… Continue reading bookywooks – my favorites over the years



One time, after a fight with my high school boyfriend and parents, my high school English teacher gave me some wise words on perspective, and since then, I have thought - and blogged! - a lot about BIRD'S-EYE VIEWS, BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE, BLOOMING WHERE YOU'RE PLANTED AND BALANCE. If I had to… Continue reading b.