fashion friday: an ode to first impressions

I walk to class from West Campus, where frat boys don Sperrys and girls, over-sized sorority tees.

Dressing up – even for class – is second nature to me, and it just comes so naturally.

The first week of class – of my last spring semester – is definitely no exception.

I’d like to share the savvy styles and let you in on all the fashion fun.



Black skinnies are a staple, and I dressed them up with a hot pink blazer (neons are in this season!). Accessories can make or break an outfit, so I opted for the usual gazillion rings and a long necklace, which compliments the under-tank.


I decided to go comfier on my second, with a great golden sweater and my fave jeans from high school (yay working out again). I couldn’t be too boring, though, so throwing on this colorful scarf tied the cute look together.


Sporting another you-should-go-for-this-right-now piece, I then wore a flowy, black poncho. Crinkled hair thrown into a cute pony, good ol denim, and worn-in black Converse completed the casual outfit.


In my opinion, each gal should wear a dress at least once a week – cuz we can! This funky piece is still winter-warm-and-cozy yet has the added flair this college student likes. And nothing goes along with a long-sleeve dress better than boots and tights (age and elasticity may vary on that statement).

fashion friday takes my love, my gift, my life and shares it with the world, explaining how stinkin’ awesome clothes and shoes and bags and earrings are, especially when done right


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