bimonthly betchya: ailing dogs and kim kardashian

bet you’re not the only one who…

wishes you had the most exciting life – maybe like Walt on Breaking Bad or Gossip Girl’s Serena – yet beyond enjoys quiet Friday nights chilling at home

cries at those animal center commercials (if you don’t feel something, you have no heart!)

reaches for easy mac and frozen dinners – not cuz they’re uber tasty..we DO live in the time of give-it-to-me-now

can’t fall asleep because of the 80,000 lists/notes/ideas/”hey, i wonder if’s” running through your head

knows school and work have to be done but still envy the Kardashians or Hiltons

bimonthly betchya makes one feel a little less crazy, since “we’re all mad here,” and “down here we all float”


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