music monday: throw some glitter

For some weird reason, as progressive and accepting as I feel people have come to be, many in my life still have a problem with Ke$ha and a problem with the fact that her shiny partying life makes me smile.

You doubters should be aware, though, that Kesha Sebert:

-can play the trumpet (classy, yeah?) and saxophone (my fave)

-and her family hosted Paris&Nicole on The Simple Life in 2005

-has worked with people like Britney Spears, the Veronicas, and Katy Perry (do you at least like themmm?)

-held a benefit concert in 2010 for flood victims of/around her hometown

-was named the Humane Society’s first global ambassador

-sings versus slaughterhouses and baby seals being hurt

Maybe your heart strings were kiiinda tugged there? Or perhaps you’re still stuck on the fact that she thinks Jack Daniels = Listerine. I’m not saying she’s perfect; I’m just saying that this:

“You can be fun and sexy and still care about issues. I’m excited that people are starting to listen to what I have to say. And if they misunderstand, that’s OK. I’m still the new kid on the block. With time, they’ll see what I’m about. I’m not going anywhere.”

She lives life to the fullest, wearing the brightest and tightest clothes (cuz she can!) and speaking out against things that upset her (which is inspiring!), which is what I try to do.

I’m proud to be from a town of 300, I love that my small family is so close, my besties and always always have a blast around campus, and I am free to fly anywhere I want after I graduate. So, yes, you can learn from a party girl, because if you’re not doing life on this rock in the biggest, neatest way you kno how…then what are you doing here???

music monday discusses any lyric, song, or artist in a way that i am currently finding meaningful


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