taboo thursday: to be together or not to be

We live in a world addicted to celebrity gossip, a nation that cannot get the next big thing fast enough, and a southern state built on tradition. So when news of famous couples floats our way, of course we’re going to pounce on it…even if the news makes me want to cry…

After only about a year of marriage, quirky Katy Perry and crazy Russel Brand split, and already, Perry has traded in her wedding ring for a blue stone and made the move to unfollow Brand on Twitter.

With four kids created in an almost seven-year span of being together, supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal also called it quits. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, though, Seal revealed the two are still in love and working to be civil.

And let’s not forget Kim K. and Humphs’ 72-day marriage or Demi and Ashton’s scandalous end.

But, my Hollywood idol broke this splitting trend by finally getting a ring on her finger. In late December, Justin Timberlake popped the question to Jessica Biel, who said yes, despite still dealing with trust issues.

Now, a celeb couple putting up with paparazzi surrounding their relash is one thing, but according to a new study in the Journal of Marriage and Family, even your average Joe should maybe reconsider the whole settling down thing. Elle picked up this story, stating that couples who lived together, rather than couples who tied the knot, were happier and healthier.

So with silver screen stars ditching their significant others and popular sites like Reddit reposting this anti-marriage piece, it is slightly possible that in the near future, the wedding scene as we know it will be altered, decreased, and maybe even ignored.

No worries, though, folks; as a girly-girl bred on Cinderella and Father of the Bride, a college student who has had every detail – down to the heart-shaped butter – planned since she was eight, and a dreamer whose life will probably never be complete without this beauty, I will proudly and gladly carry on the practice of a cute little ring bearer and a really neat slideshow of childhood to present photos and yummy cake shoved into mouths and metal cans tied to the back of the car…:)

UPDATE: Read this to see how recent commercials have received attention for portraying women in a way that seems us gals are so over marriage!

taboo thursday usually involves juicy celeb gossip and always makes one think


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