tuesday’s gone: oh, how i miss it

Last week, my hometown played its rival in basketball. What makes this event more monumental, though, is that my dad’s the coach, my mom keeps books, my brother plays, and my heart’s all in. We ended up losing by six, and as soon as I got the news, I burst into tears. Yes, it is sad, and it would’ve been nice to win since a. it always is with them and b. it was my bro’s last time to every play them, being a senior at all. But, really, the tears came because I was upset I wasn’t there…I was angry with time for flying by…and I was appalled that change comes in and sometimes messes things up.

Yes, I am guilty of finding myself yearning for things of the past, despite how incredibly pleased I am with the present and how gosh-darn excited I am for the future, especially basketball, family time, FCCLA trips, and simplicity. 

I am in a feature writing class this semester, and not only does my professor look exactly like Anthony Hopkins, but he is 80-years-old. This makes for a. way more history lessons that you’d expect from a journalism course and b. the cutest, ideal little-old-man behavior. When he talks of his past, I can usually relate, since 1. I was raised in a cultured environment where – unlike some people – I learned things and 2. my town of 300’s conservatism is still practiced by the majority of the world’s elderly. The way he talks against modern technology and reminisces about the day’s of sending snail mail, using walking as main transportation, and gathering around the radio sometimes makes me want to cry!

I am also owning up to the fact that I love simplicity – small towns, actually talking to people face-to-face, writing handwritten sentiments, and simply sitting outside and enjoying nature – despite my reliance on the advancements I’ve grown up with.

As I’ve stated several times, planning is my middle name and is usually followed by worrying. It’s not that I’m unhappy with my certain circumstances and also looking for the next big thing; in fact, I really think I’m the happiest I’ve been, since I am almost done with school, have my own place in one of THE neatest cities, am as close to my family as I was when I lived with them, have the greatest boyfriend in the world. and am surrounded by amazing people. However, due to some of this, new opportunities and friends and responsibilities are right around the corner.

I miss the past sometimes, when the biggest things I had to worry about was what snack to have after school, who to hang out with at recess, and which bow to put in my hair that day.

tuesday’s gone post serve as a reminder to what once was, a nod to what is still waiting ahead, and a smile to the awesome here-and-now


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