taboo thursday: my girls

I know that for us all to agree on which television starlets should be featured in my blog would be insane…so I’m just going to talk about my favorites…and hopefully convert you. πŸ™‚

Project Runway All-Stars

First up, the fashion-inspiring, mind-blowing Lifetime series that gives past design contestants a second chance. From stealing clothes off of people in Central Park to creating outfits for Miss Piggy, these people have got it going on! I don’t care if you think this is a “girly” show; if you’re not impressed with the creatively impressive results cranked out in mere hours, you’re crazy. And my go-to girl: April, whose similar-to-me attitude makes me want to throw on my leather jacket and black ankle boots.

April, one of my all-time faves, and her losing design 😦

Real Housewives of Orange County

One of my favorite shows of all time finally started up its seventh season, and the blonde drama is bigger and better than ever! Yes, I know many are annoyed with watching the lifestyles of all these rich ladies, but through divorces, losing their best friends, and dealing with disrespectful kids, they turn out to kind of be just like us. Gretchen, for instance, may love pink and sparkly things, but her determination and strength led her to owning her own biz.

Who wouldn't want to catch a peak of this sexy young thing on screen, amiright?

Parks and Recreation

I feel if you like The Office, you’ll have to love this. The crazy story line – involving a ragtag group of city-employed people – holds attention and brings about laughter. Plus, pretty-boy Rob Lowe’s health nut character and Amy Poehler’s go-getter attitude can be somewhat inspiring!

This is April (who I deeply relate to) and her famous April look.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Yay for more real drama! This city’s version of the Bravo hit wrapped up a season this month, complete with name-calling and accusations. Through all the crap, though, ladies like Lisa Vanderpump stay classy, with extraordinary gowns and raunchy comebacks.

This Brit babe is 50.years.old!


With most of these high school singers graduating soon, this music-driven show will lose its lust and fan-base. Until then, though, I’ll continue to dream as big as Rachel Berry, push past trails like Quinn Fabray, and use an attitude to get results like Santana Lopez.

She's super feisty and a cheerleader and a lesbian and a great singer...

United States of Tara

I highly highly highly suggest watching the three seasons of this Showtime wonder. Follow the life a down-to-earth Tara (and her hot hubby, whiny sister, gay son, and dramatic daughter), as she struggles with D.I.D…which means you also get to see her alter-egos: Alice – a ’60s housewife, Buck – a biker dude, Shoshana – a hippy therapist, Chicken – Tara’s five-year-old self, T – a slutty teen, Gimme, an animal-like creature, and Bryce Craine, who turns out to be…well, you just have to watch it and learn from the bittersweet chaos yourself!

This is T, whose potty-mouth and promiscuity bring about trouble and sure entertainment.

taboo thursday usually involves juicy celeb gossip and always makes one think


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