fashion friday: what i’m loving right now

after being inspired by new york fashion week, i’d like to tell you how much i dig:

-alice and olivia

not only are their clothes beyond cute, look at those ads! the colors, the prints, and the styling make me wish my bank account was heavier…

-michael kors

mr. kors is doing alot of dark, earthy stuff this season, and my fave of his collection would have to be his orange ponchos. dresses, tops, maxis…they’re all fab!

-athletic heels

combing strength and sexiness is always hot, especially when it’s done with a high heel…and even more so when it’s neon…and somehow greater on my girl, hilary duff!


what says spring time more than lovely pale shades of green and pink? ❀

fashion friday takes my love, my gift, my life and shares it with the world, explaining how stinkin’ awesome clothes and shoes and bags and earrings are, especially when done right


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