music monday: walk down memory lane

When I went home a few weeks back, I found my old CD collection and decided to bring them along for my drive back to Austin. What I discovered was that:

-I was really into Christian pop (Jump5 and Pigeon John anyone?),

These kiddos were my first concert, and I sure as hell danced and sang along perfectly with "Spinning Around."

-Kirstie Clark burnt me more music than I knew what to do with,

-And every song I heard took me back to a specific night, a certain person’s face, or a particular moment in time.

So now, yes, I must share the tops with you, so you can relive my life with me and see just how much a melody can touch a life…

10. We Can Make A Difference – Jaci Valesquez: What I’ll always remember most about belting out the do-do-do’s of this song is how I did it while toting around my first boombox. That’s right, this ancient CD was played on that ancient contraption, making me look like a true 90s hip-hopper.

9. Out of Control – John Rueben: If my brother and I heard this song today, we would still rap our designated parts, while he added sound effects and we both pumped our arms wildly, looking psychotic, sure, but doing it just like the video.

8. Would You Go With Me – Josh Turner: Soon after I got my first boyfriend, this somehow jokingly became our song. My friends would nudge me and giggle each time it came on the radio, yet when I truly enjoyed it when Robert genuinely serenaded me with it.

7. Honey, I’m Home – Shania Twain: Not only did my mom and I love to jam to this country hit, but I”m pretty sure it makes every Woodsonite clearly picture Brady Miller, Jason Anderson, Ranson Bandy, and …who else?? As high-schoolers, the guys dressed as ladies to serve as entertainment during a Mr. Woodson Pageant, put on as a fundraiser. And what better way than entertain than to give our stern, serious ag teacher a  lap-dance to this song?

I only wish I had pics of the real guys-as-gals...

6. We’re All In This Together – High School Musical Cast: I tried to not like these teeny-bopper movies, but the first one pulled me in with its catchy songs. The third one rolled around during my senior year, and when our theater arts teacher forced us to watch it…I found myself in tears! Zac and Vanessa were graduating and moving on…my Lucky 7 were doing the same…it was indeed a sad time!

5. Take Me Away – Christina Vidal: This rockin’ song from the Freaky Friday soundtrack made me yearn to play the guitar. As those closest to me know, I tried, failed, and now refuse to let anyone talk about it around me.

4. Let The Rain Fall Down – Hilary Duff: I still adore every thing my girl ever did, but I remember when this video came out, before the CD had been released, and I fell into a deeper admiration for the Houston starlet.

3. The Reflex – Duran Duran: When I discovered my mom’s 80’s-inspired CDs, this was the song I became addicted to. I don’t remember what year it was, so I don’t remember where we traveled to on vacation, but I know that every bridge we crossed was met with me singing “I’ll cross that bridge when I find it.”

2. Animals – Nickelback: First off, this CD was, like, the bestest thing that ever happened to our high school career. And this song somehow became my ring tons on just about everyone’s phone.

1. a tie between: Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles, Thunder – Boys Like Girls, and Four Minutes – Madonna & Justin Timberlake: These were three of the songs that made up the soundtrack of the summer before my senior year, aka, the best time of my life. My best friend and I made some changes in our lives, and before we knew it, we lived only for warm nights of fireflies and shooting stars, just lying around and soaking up life.

THE cd!!!

 music monday discusses any lyric, song, or artist in a way that i am currently finding meaningful


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