fashion friday: my new loves

1. green: I want it on my walls, my nails, my outfits – everywhere! And if it’s a dress, that’s even better! And a lacy one…jackpot! It’s cheery enough for spring and sexy enough to be a win in my style book.


2. high-lows: These fun-cut dresses and skirts are super hot this season, and it’s no mystery why. Dressed up or down, showing a little skin for the warmer weather just got easier and cuter.

3. lace: If you can’t tell, I’m also currently obsessed with this peek-a-boo material. Whether you incoporate it through a skirt, top, or clutch, you’re bound to be scoring some fashion points! My fave way to show it off – through an orangey-red dress.

4. gowns: Speaking of dresses and obsessions, anything Alexander McQueenish is always on my list, and the newest looks from the line – as breath-taking as ever.

5. sweetNsexy: Last but not least, I’m loving pieces that show off beauty, yet maintain this innocent, young, girly vibe.

fashion friday takes my love, my gift, my life and shares it with the world, explaining how stinkin’ awesome clothes and shoes and bags and earrings are, especially when done right


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