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tuesday’s gone: my final spring break

It’s that one spring week that takes way too long getting to us yet somehow still sneaks up, when people have found their new routines for the year and are past habitual and into a state of desperation, a state yearning for a break from reality, to comfort them until summer vacation finally rolls around.

For me, it’s almost like January 1st all over again, as I decide that when school resumes after this nine-day recess, I’ll buckle down more in school and up my workouts a bit, as I spend that week focusing on a clean house, fantastic outfits, and tanning.

This year, though, I realized that a December graduation means this is my one last hoorah, and I never got that stereotypical college spring break, and I couldn’t have it this year, due to a. a lack of money b. one of my best friends, Megan, already having plans with her family and c. another great bud, Brionne, studying abroad in France.

Luckily, my planning skills led to my March vaca looking like this (pros and cons attached):

1. boys’ high school state basketball tournament with the fam

       -We’ve gone every year I can remember, yet this year’s seems bittersweet since a. I know we always have the best time (seeing old friends, having bathroom accidents, lots of ice cream, etc), but b. my bro, Tan, never made it there and now never will (due to graduating), and c. I don’t know where I’ll be next spring, so whether this is my last tourney or not is uncertain.

2. a weekend with my girls in Ft. Worth

       -This part is long over-due, as Kirstie, Amanda, and I were the only three females in my class growing up. Although we’ve all stayed close, relationships change when we’re not together every day or catching up 24/7, so I’m super excited to just sit around the pool, go out to eat, and be ourselves with these two, even if it will only be for a couple of days.

3. visiting my high school English teacher at her new home

       -Tacy Ellis was like a second mom to me, and she still checks in regularly, always wanting what’s best for me. Last summer, she loaded up her gangly gracious hubby and crazy cute daughter and moved to Poolville, Texas, which isn’t far from Ft. Worth, which means I finally get to reunite with her and check out her new crib!

4. more family fun in Ft. Worth

       -These three decided they wanted to be more active this break, too, so they’ll meet me in the land of the Stockyards for movies and food and the zoo, so be on the lookout for polar bear facebook pics.

5. relaxation in Woodson

       -This is perhaps what I miss most. With classes and work and life, I don’t remember the last time I was at home for a really good chunk of time, in a season where I could sleep until ten then tan until homemade ice cream and grilled burgers were ready then play catch until the mosquitoes came out, and it was time to go in for games. So you could say I’m looking forward to this part, too.

6. then back to Austin to soak up the last bit of the break

       -Of course, I’ll be missing the boyfriend, Tommy, by then, and, just like New Year’s, we resolute to experience more of this funky town we live in. So Stand-Up Paddle-boarding ATX, kite-flying in Zilker, window-shopping on SoCo…the possibilities are endless!

just one of the many beauts of dt atx...and wouldn't you KILL for that sky?!

 I know that however this week goes, wherever I am, and whoever I’m with, I’ll just be blown away by how blessed I am and how much I totes dig my gorgeous life. And next year and the year after that, whether I’m doing more of the same and spending the time figuring out my new home or hitting up the Gulf coast, I know then, too, I won’t be able to not smile…:)

tuesday’s gone post serve as a reminder to what once was, a nod to what is still waiting ahead, and a smile to the awesome here-and-now


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