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wordy wednesday: circle of life

While catching up with my friend Micah the other day, I was led to a discussion on the changes of life. There’s that corny image on facebook, describing how the relationship between parents and children goes from needy to distant to a friendship, and it’s so true.

For instance, Micah, who just turned 27, now considers his dad his best friend, even though as soon as he turned 18, he jetted out of the controlling environment, ready for his young, wild freedom. I, on the other hand, am still quite dependent on my parentals, and though we’re closer than close, I still have awhile before I can relate to them on high, powerful levels.

The talk we were having brought up the fact that getting old is scary, though.Β  We see these amazing creatures who put us on this rock now having trouble getting up from sitting down, and we’re finding ourselves at the ages they were when they birthed us.

And, what’s even crazier, is that in a blink of an eye, my own kids will be thinking this about me. And then it will all be over. But at least we will have been happy and healthy and successful and satisfied – at least that’s what I’m going to keep aiming for.

I know you’re all aware that we age and dynamics vary but just stopping and thinking about the whole Lion King-ness of it makes you want to dress cute everyday and make time to fly a kite at least once a month and save money for a eurotrip and start that blog you’ve always talked about…doesn’t it?!

It should, because we’re not getting any younger, and what we do right now will affect the generation before us – those beautiful people who developed us – and the one after – our mini-me’s – for better or for worse…<3

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