wordy wednesday: the point of education

“the only thing holding me back from learning is my education”

Here are just a few rants on edu in the US…

1. While our possibilities for education may seem endless – private school, charter school, home-schooled – the little bit I know about the European education system sounds pretty attractive. First off, most (if not all?) schools are set up by trade, meaning if I grew up in the City of Love, I would amazingly know even less math than I do now. My writing skills, though, would be even greater. Then, after I finished nurturing that, I could go on to a higher institution…for freeeee.

2. I pay beacoups of money to attend a stinking awesome university, yet…One of my electives sounded super swell on paper, but when I attended class, I realized the professor barely touched on any of the syllabus’ interesting topics; instead, she would rant on her own research, which taught me absolutely nothing.

3. I have a friend whose fave pastime is sneaking out of class to go to the bathroom, where he researches articles on his phone, apparently learning far more than he would if he was still in the classroom.

…but I’m not a total pessimist…

A. We do have the options I mentioned, though – and then some! And combined with our freedoms and creative minds and growing businesses and sprawling networks…it really is exciting to see where things can go, especially when you have a unique start like Woodson, Texas.

B. I’ve disciplined myself to not zone out or doodle or DrawSomething as much when my professor is annoying/boring me. Instead, I’ll pick up on tiny phrases she says and allow my mind to carry those to bigger and better places, which 1. is a super fun and nifty challenge and 2. leads to more advanced thinking on my part.

C. Despite the fact that my parents are educators (and – *wow* – I’ve been talking about being one myself), I’m actually all for my friend’s bathroom plan. One of the main points of education, I’ve learned, isn’t just learning…it’s, like, reallllly learning: your neighbor’s name, so borrowing a corkscrew won’t be so awkward…your professor’s turn-ons, so your paper will stand out from the crowd…what channel the news is on, because even background noise can lead to you being caught up…your grandparents’ address, since getting snail mail makes them smile…where your campus career center is, as they want to help you and will

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