tuesday’s gone: so close now

Time to get sappy. Seems like I was just graduating from high school. Hell, it seems like just yesterday I had my eighth grade graduation. And now, I’m registered for my final college semester, with crazy-mixed feelings. Let’s do a little pro-and-con…

pros of my college career ending:

-make $>pay $

-no more tests/homework/studying

-BA = pretty neat accomplishment

cons of me being done with UT:

-don’t get to use their gyms anymore (BUT my bf is an aspiring personal trainer, so I guess that fixes that)

-can’t be a lazy student anymore

-I’ll soon be 30, a mom, 48, retired, and in the ground…?! (UNTIL then, though, I’m hoping life will keep being grand;)

Okay, whew, I feel better! I guess I’ll just never get used to the fact that time really does fly and we truly must carpe diem. I’ll try to deal with all that by thanking you – yes, YOU – for helping make the past 21.5 years beyond incredible, as I’m so close to ending this chapter and beginning a beautifully new one…<3

tuesday’s gone post serve as a reminder to what once was, a nod to what is still waiting ahead, and a smile to the awesome here-and-now


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