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wordy wednesday: the two-year anniversary of LOST

On September 22, 2004, a 13-year-old me sat down in front of the television with my family to watch the pilot of a new drama called Lost. I was immediately enthralled, but little did I know that I would soon become an addict, a Lostie, a devoted fan that wouldn’t miss an episode for the next six years.

While I was living at home, the show aired on Wednesday nights, meaning my brother and I would rush home after our church’s youth group to enjoy burgers and fries from the Woodson Inn, while listening to Sawyer’s surly comebacks and watching Sayid’s twisted torturing.

When I went off to college, it just-so-happened that a friend of mine, who already went to UT, was a Lost junkie, too, so I started watching with him and his buddies. This was during the final season, a time when questions were answered and drama increased. My love for the show skyrocketed (as did my love for the friend, Tommy, as we’re now dating;)!

Two years ago today, my brother, Tommy, a few other devoted friends, and I headed to the Alamo Drafthouse to catch the two-hour finale. Unfortunately, the projector took an hour to start working, none of us got to sit near each other, my bro and I had a four-hour drive home afterwards, and I bawled like a baby…but it…was…magical.

And I know it’s just a TV show, and I really should have moved on by now, but there’s just something about the way Jack’s eyes light up when he gives one his inspirational leading speeches…and in the mystique of Jacob and the MIB’s history and relationship…and how Penny is Desmond’s wife and Daniel’s half-sister and Widmore’s daughter…and the way everyone is brought together, for a purpose, and for ever.

So, yes, maybe I’m a loser or just a hopeless romantic-type when it comes to this ABC thriller, but even now, as I’m currently rewatching the entire show, I can’t help but tear up, get all tingly, and feel utterly, like, blessed, to have been part of such an epic awesomeness. And who knows…maybe I’ll see them in another life, brothers…;)

PS-If the link in the previous paragraph wasn’t enough present-Lost info for ya, check out this image from the soon-to-be-released Alex Cross…and try to stay calm…

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2 thoughts on “wordy wednesday: the two-year anniversary of LOST

  1. awwww Bri, I am a Lost junkie as well, I feel so LOST without the show lol,,.the only difference is I just watched all six seasons a few months ago and I couldn’t imagine how anyone could wait until the next week to watch it when it originally aired. I would go to bed late even tho I had to get up early for work just because I was addicted to the show. I had my favorites all through out each season, one season Jack was the hottie, then it was Sawyer, then Sayid so finally I decided they all were and go from there lol. Now, you have to love Hurley and Charlie because there was a cuteness about them, and they all made the show, each character depicted a different personality which made each unique in their own way. You are such a great writer, I enjoyed your blog, keep it up, and don’t forget when you become famous remember me! love you!

  2. awww…this made me smile so much, haha! yeah, I’m rewatching it currently…sooo many hotties;) And thank you so much for the kind words – I will always remember/love all of you!

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