tuesday’s gone: my top ten lilweirdo moments

Friday my little bro graduated from high school, a celebration that I feel like was talked about and gazed upon forever…and now it’s over and gone! The aisle was walked, the diploma handed, and the tassel moved…the photos were taken, the games played, and the yummies eaten (ok, there’s still a little of that going on;)…and now my baby brudder will be packing up and heading out, onto the land of the Horned Frogs and into a world where any and everything is possible.

me, tan, & tommy @ grad

And Tanner has no idea how true that is, that he can accomplish anything. He’s tall and handsome, to say the least, athletic and able, young and brilliant and ambitious, courteous and curious – the complete package and then some.

So, to honor my bestest friend during this glorious time of his life, I give you…

Top 10 lilweirdo Moments:

  1. the flute and the Jeep – Over a very short time span, I managed to knock one of Tan’s teeth out, while fighting over who was going to drive our Jeep Power Wheel, and then he returned the favor, as we were arguing over a wooden flute.
  2. grandkids’ day out chaos – As kids, my grandma would take us out before school started for a fun day of shopping and eating. One year, Tanner managed to collapse an entire clothes rack at the mall; what a stud.
  3. accidents – Just ask Mr. Thomas about Boston…and our carpet…and his Toy Story sleeping bag…
  4. Santa’s cookies –  Of course, my bro and I left treats out for The Big Man at Christmastime, yet after years of that tradition, Tanner apparently forgot where our dining room table was, a blonde moment we have all on tape.
  5. the white carpet – At our cousin Sarah’s wedding, Tan was asked to roll out a carpet before the ceremony, which maybe he could’ve done if it had been tied looser…or if he were able to perform under pressure…or if the entire congregation hadn’t been laughing at him…(also on tape!)
  6. the witch’s house – We used to sneak to this “spooky” house to explore, but once, the owner caught us and simply threatened to call the cops if we were ever seen again, which was enough to keep an eleven and eight-year-old away.
  7. state tourney – I always have a grand time with my fam during this Spring Break event, but a certain incident bonded us siblings in a very unique way.
  8. basketball – Any time I can watch this kid play ball is memorable – and I’ll miss doing so on my dad’s bench, next to my mom, greatly.
  9. Jaws – So we wouldn’t consider the movie to be a horror exactly, but the ride at Orlando…not Tanner’s fave.
  10. grad ’12 – Not only was the party awesome and his speech incredible, but our pre-ceremony ab workout will continue to make us lol for years to come.  🙂 
tuesday’s gone post serve as a reminder to what once was, a nod to what is still waiting ahead, and a smile to the awesome here-and-now

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