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taboo thursday: getting out of that comfort zone

 Though the images above aren’t recent, we’ve all come to know and love them (thanks, ABC Family). And you may be trying to figure out what recently un-homeschooled Lindsey Lohan and sneaker-wearing Steve Martin have in common with each other – much less with you and me.

Well, folks, let me tell ya; it’s all about comfort zones…

In Father of the Bride, Martin’s little girl is all grown up and engaged. He finds himself sinking in a whirl of flower arrangements and swans and dinner dates and Franck.

When Lohan meets up with Rachel McAdams and Co. in Mean Girls, she is forced to learn how to deal with their cattiness, so, like any other desperate high school female, she starts acting like the Plastics, just to fit in and become popular.

And you and I, we’re graduating and starting new jobs and transitioning in relationships and being faced with decisions on school and careers and people and life.

But ya see…

Steve Martin is a total sweetie and would do anything for his first born. So despite the chaos and the quick engagment and all the money, he gave her a dream wedding.

And Lindsey Lohan may have morphed into a hated biatch, but she gained a valuable lesson and ended up strengthening her entire school.

This Hollywood hope means that you and I don’t have to be too nervous about change, whether it be tiny or drastic. It’s super easy to get stuck in comfort zones – which this introverted, small-town chick totally gets. But I also understand having goals and flying high and taking chances and chasing dreams.

interning at Resident New York

Like, do you ever reallyyy stop and think about ALL of it…EVERYTHING? How there’s an entire planet – hell, an entire galaxy…and universe! – with billions of things to do and see and a gazillion places to go and people to meet…

You may think that what you currently have is the greatest thing in the world, and it very well may be. BUTTTTTTTT…if you never try for something new or take any further steps, you’re never going to know if you’d enjoy living in the North rather than the South or if Sonic sweet tea is better than Chicken E’s or if that hottie would be a better signif oth than this one.

After you’ve at least tried, you could confirm that your first love is even more amazing than you thought, and that is great for you…but try, really, because…yolo…ugh…but really…;)

taboo thursday usually involves juicy celeb gossip and always makes one think

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