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bimonthly betchya: the parental units

bet you’re not the only who:

feels life without your parents would leave you sleeping outside with Drag Rats

feels also that arguments with your mom and dad border-line the start of WWIII

gets embarrassed by all the “cool” things your dad says

So…this may look like JoJo and Robin Williams in RV…but it’s really Dad and I.

wishes your mom didn’t have to publicly show her love to you…every two seconds…in front of all of your friends

knows no guy will ever be as good as your daddy-o

wishes hanging out with all your friends was as easy/comfortable as hanging out with your mama

loves writing about your origins – and, so much that you schedule blog posts about them directly in between your mom’s birthday and Father’s Day;)

bimonthly betchya makes one feel a little less crazy, since “we’re all mad here,” and “down here we all float”


One thought on “bimonthly betchya: the parental units

  1. Good post! I need reassurance that I’m still okay (maybe even cool sometimes) as we move into these adolescent years. Love ya!

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