wordy wednesday: motivation

Freak-outs are a normal thing for me, and after having a tiny one this weekend, I decided to blog about motivation:

the desire and will to work out, get good grades, move your way up at work, have a beautiful wedding, conquer your fears, not be discouraged or defeated, fulfill all your dreams….

And to do this, you did some moxie, some pizzazz, some spunk.

You may need to even throw in a little aggressive selfishness, I’ve learned, as long as you don’t let it transcend as bitter spite.

If you’ve tried to kill your boss with kindness to get that raise or imagined your exes face on the punching bag whilst at the gym and still, nothing, then, sometimes desperate times may make you say:

“I HAVE to land this interview to prove all the haters in my home-town wrong.”

“Let’s say the world is ending, and for some reason, stripping is the only way I’ll get money; I’ve GOT to get my body in shape for that!”

“I feel good when I dress up, so I AM going to dress like I’m making models jealous of this outfit.”

Maybe you’ve told yourself similar things, or maybe you’re a super strong person, whose natural confidence earns you…everything!

But I’m a strange creature, one who, for instance, can’t JUST be happy with going to UT; instead, I say, “I MUST go to UT if I want to write for a big-city magazine someday.”

Sorry if this sounds awful, but I guess I just like sparks underneath my already-blessed fire.


I naturally want to get the most out of this short life, so I build things up in my head to MOTIVATE myself to go to my limits. And the neat thing is – I haven’t found my limits yet, so the best may be yet to come!

So go do IT, but be careful. Don’t come across like an ass, but fight for what you want. Don’t stress over having to strive for the best life ever but still work towards success. Don’t try to control those around you, and just focus on you’re awesomeness and highlighting it…cuz I bet ya it’s GRAND. πŸ™‚

wordy wednesday = woman writingΒ 


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