familia · reflect

bimonthly betchya: decisions, decisions, decisions

bet you’re not the only one who:

treats deciding between Wendy’s and Sonic like a life-or-death situation

goes back-and-forth constantly on if you want an adorable baby and cute little house now…or if that new trend of waiting until you’re 40 to even get married is right for you

solidly believes that coin flips and eenie-meenie-minie-mos still solve daily problems

uses pros and cons lists for careers and for which toilet paper to buy

oh, the Oatmeal…;)

calls your parents, texts over half your contacts, and changes your Facebook status when trying to make a big decision; it’s easier to just let someone else pick for you sometime, huh?

bimonthly betchya makes one feel a little less crazy, since “we’re all mad here,” and “down here we all float”


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