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taboo thursday: let’s get real

They’re constantly knocked in media and in everyday life for being fake, full of drama, and just downright stupid. While I agree that those words do describe some of the ladies, I cannot help but stay obsessed with Bravo’s Real Housewives‘ shows. My mom and I accidentally got hooked one weekend during a Real Housewives of Orange County marathon, and while the OC gals remain our faves, we now also watch New York, Beverly Hills, and New Jersey religiously. (Miami only lasted a bit, Atlanta is too outrageous, Dallas will soon be on our must-watch list, and DC…are they coming back?)

From table flips and drug accusations to big-money wedding extravaganzas and raunchy music-launch parties, these women definitely know how to have a good time, which I feel makes it sort of understandable as to why I must tune in to see gaze upon Mauricio Umansky and learn how to be a total badass from Caroline Manzo.

And that’s my segue into lessons, yes, lessons – things I actually learn from these rich beetches.

Numero Uno

New Jersey: Keep Your Friends Close…

We’ve seen Dina Manzo quit the show, Jacqueline Laurita not attend reunions, and Danielle Crazypants Staub, well, be herself. But when viewers realized Teresa Giudice has gone truly bonkers this season, we were all left to see her 15-year relationship with the entire Manzo crew crumble, as even Jacqueline is calling it quits.

Since my favorite Real Housewives‘ game to play with my mom is the one where we pick who we’re most like from each city (yes, we have games), this lesson had to be up there on my list, since like Jac, I would try to be strong and confront my loved ones on their obviously out-of-line behavior, but I’m sure I would end up crying and running back to them and doing the apologizing myself. Let’s hope Mrs. Laurita can stay strong, that this said therapy of Teresa and her bro will work wonders, and that I’ll be able to keep a nice filter on who stays in my life and who just isn’t worth it, a cold hard truth.

Number Two

New York: Dreams Do Come True

Even though Bethenny Frankel was bffs with the remaining NYC women, her true ambition was to expand Skinny Girl and start a new beautiful life with her new beautiful family, which is what she did and why she’ll always be my most-loved from the show.

Her competition got hot this season, though, as Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill, and Heather Thomson have come in with their super fab lives.

Aviva is a paranoid supermom, as well as an amputee, but her beauty and authenticity have captured me.

Bubbly Heather is already taking hits from Ramona Singer, but I doubt anything will harm her and her Yummy Tummy business.

The real winner here is perhaps Carole: I’m fascinated with her look, her taste in clothes makes the other girls swoon, the laid-back view she has on relationships made jaws drop, and oh, yeah – she writes for Glamour.

I know money gets people ahead in this world, but watching real people go after real dreams, especially when they are dreams I have, is truly inspiring, so New York, thank you for adding to your cast and peaking my interest!

Third Times A Charm

Beverly Hills: Choose Wisely

Child-star Kyle Richards landed the hottest hubby of ALL Housewives, and class-act Lisa Vanderpump may have the richest of all, but out of all the shows and all the women, the neatest couple to watch is Adrienne and Paul Maloof (disregarding all divorce talk here – too sad). They’re just so…real! The playful bickering paired with the flirty looks make me wish they had their own show.

So, yeah, big muscles and an even bigger wallet are nice, but friends are friends until the end, right?

Last But Not Least

Orange County: Blondes vs. Brunettes

They tell us blondes have more fun, but Heather Dubrow proves that fun is pointless if you ain’t got no class. While I’m all for a good time (I’ll gladly go scuba diving with you, Eddie Judge), I choose serenity and introverted ways over just about everything. And watching the skinny butts of Tamera Barney and Gretchen Rossi rub all over Heather made me appreciate my calmness even more. Besides, she’s actually held down a hubby…and have you seen that house?!

So, even though these were all totally Bri things, maybe I’ve peaked your interest, too, and maybe you’ll soon be crying if you miss out on Melissa Gorga’s singing career or Alexis Bellino’s, uh, broadcasting career…thing…;)

taboo thursday usually involves juicy celeb gossip and always makes one think


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