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wordy wednesday: addictions

What my final summer break did consist of:

-nannying two little gals 2:30-6:30 Monday through Thursday

-Spanish III online

-UT social media class online

-gym time

-Spanish IV online

What my break is all about now:

-occassional babysitting for the red-head I’ve been keeping forev now

-upped gym time

What do I do with all this free time, you ask? Take up some good ol addictions. And what are they? Well…

  1. Bravo TV: You all know I’ve always loved the Housewives, and with practically one city’s show on everyday, I’m hooked. Then, I’ll keep watching, after that ends, and fall in love with Miss Advised, 10 Things That Make Me Happy, or Watch What Happens. But, hey, don’t judge; I deserve this down-time, yeah? πŸ˜‰
  2. Pinterest: I spend hours a day on this site, but it’s definitely for a good cause! I learn how to make my own clothes, create cute gifts for others, and mix healthy recipes. Chya!
  3. Iced Coffee: I always need it hot in the morning to get going, but lately, based on its taste and my fatigue, I’m like, “Oh, seven at night? Let’s go to Starbucks!”
It is my last summer vacation ever, since next year I’ll have a career, so I tell myself these vices are okay. However, Bravo may be creating unrealistic expectations for what my adult social life is going to be like. Pinterest makes me want a wedding, a baby, and dessert way too much. And the caffeine found in coffee is apparently a bad thing…but at least I don’t have to worry about it stunting my growth!
So, see – I’m fine! What are your can’t-live-without-this summer thingies?!
Oh, yeah, and have a happy fourth!

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