music monday: live it up

So you know how Fun’s “We Are Young” has played, like, every two seconds for the past, like, six months? Well, I have not grown tired of it! Every time I listen to that catchy chorus, I’m filled with this bubbling, a rising inside of me that makes me want to go out and live and that reminds me of past times I felt I have truly lived.

That’s where this blog post comes in. Sure, I’ve never been sky-diving, and I’ve only left the US once, but stop and think of all those little moments and memories in life when all is right.

at Friday night football games (high school and six-man preferably), with the smells of nacho cheese and mowed grass in the air

after getting out of a late-night showing of a movie, discussing the best parts with friends

family get-togethers, when, amidst the rolling eyes and awkward assholery, everyone is grateful for full bellies

watching new kitties come into the world (I can’t get enough!)

during the first week of school/a new job, armed with fresh, blank spirals and bright pens

car rides home, when the sun is setting and bed is calling

See? Only six instances, and already, I want to get up off of this couch, go outside, breath in the summer night air, and be reminded of how lucky/blessed I am.

On a more personal note, this past week was not the best. Just when I thought the job drama I was having was rough, I received the news of a devastating loss; Brandon Bailey – one of the nicest, most respected, and talented young men from my community (In a town of 300, surrounded by other small, Southern places, communities expand outward, physically and emotionally.) – was killed on the Fourth of July.

It’s too true that everything can be over in the blink of an eye, which is why now, more than ever, I’m expressing the importance of living – going out there and doing whatever – “setting the world on fire” – in complete and utter happiness.

 music monday discusses any lyric, song, or artist in a way that i am currently finding meaningful


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