tuesday’s gone: lessons learned

10 Lessons I’m Glad I Learned

No, these aren’t tricks that make me stand out from the crowd, and no, this list doesn’t contain the top educational tips I’ve picked up. This is just a random list to thank random people for assisting me in functioning. 

tie shoes: I’m pretty sure I would be the last chubby little kid to leave PE, as MJ and her mom, Coach Vickers, helped me tie up the bunny ears on my sparkly blue Skechers.

change flat: The boyfriend got me a bike, so the boyfriend taught me this skill, which I hope I’ll never have to use (and let’s pray I’ll never ever need to know how on a car).

multiplication tables: In third grade, Mrs. Bundy had records – yes, records – we would listen to over and over until the numbers were stuck in our heads.

play guitar: My brother and I were dead-set on having a band (Reckless Roots;), but…geez. I can’t even tell this story without getting depressed. But thank you, Jared Kennedy, for trying…and trying.

check oil: My dad has only given me this dip-stick lesson, like, 100 times, so I think that maybe I’m sure I could do it myself…I think.

free throws: While my height obviously helped me in basketball, I remember I used to struggle with shooting from the line, but Amanda Butler and Kirstie Clark used the great Elle Woods to instill a nice little reminder for me when tossing that ball up there: bend…and snap!

play piano: Billie Gene Young gave lessons to all my friends, so my parents just knew I would finally learn The Man From Snowy River theme song. Sorry – all I got was half of “The Entertainer” and three Christmas songs.

bake bread: Other than like mac’n’cheese, one of the few things I can actually like make is vegetable bread, a recipe my mom drilled into my head, which led me to win food competitions in elementary 4-H.

run register: I spent my last semester of high school waitressing at a tiny country diner, where I picked up how to type in those numbers and give back that change.

love life: Let’s end with a cheesy message I taught myself, within the last year. To summarize, whatever you do – do it, whoever you love – love ’em, whenever it happens – it happens, why ever things occur – own ’em, wherever you go – go hard, and however life comes – enjoy it.

tuesday’s gone post serve as a reminder to what once was, a nod to what is still waiting ahead, and a smile to the awesome here-and-now


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