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taboo thursday: let’s play catch-up

You may hate ’em, but here are my current takes on my current fave shows…

Breaking Bad: Last week left us in shock and tears, so with the half-way season finale this Sunday…where will Vince Gilligan leave us hanging?!

Don’t you love to hate him now?

Real Housewives of New Jersey: This whole season, Teresa has come off as a crazy b, yet after seeing all the other women’s emotions AND Joe Giudice’s suspicious phone call, it’s not clear where to stand!

I guess Tere could be worse…

Guy Code: I’m only interested in this MTV2 series since friends of mine help produce it/extra in it, but maybe listening to dudes explain their wacky behavior each week will help me to understand that strange, other species.

Project Runway: Tonight, another hopeful will be kicked off, and after Ven’s sucky attitude last week, maybe we’ll get lucky and say Auf Wiedersehen to him (He’s too good, though, I know.)!

PS-saw Tim Gunn in Austin this summer!

The Week The Women Went: This Lifetime social project was talked about in a women’s studies class of mine last year, and just judging by the little bits I’ve seen, I think that how males respond without females is based on race, age, location, how duties are usually split in the household, what your children are like, and what kind of person you are…so I feel this is just classic entertainment rather than an “experiment.”

Real Housewives of NYC: Part one of the St. Barts trip had so much juiciness, who knows what the rest of the episodes will hold…and who is scared to find out?!

omg, nyc

taboo thursday usually involves juicy celeb gossip and always makes one think



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