wordy wednesday: steppin’ up the game

I remember asking my parents to buy me a writing tablet before I even started school, and there, I scribbled out tales of princesses and polar bears. As I got older, journaling was a way to release my emotions and still channel this passion. And in high school, I attended my English and journalism classes with a smile on my face, eager to put my pen to my paper.

After working at The Daily Texan at UT, I knew that with a career in journalism, I would not grow tired of my job or be bored with my daily routine.  I had the eagerness, the willingness, and the talent to shoot for a dream of fashion editor at Elle magazine.

Now, I’ve reached my final semester in college, a time I’ve been preparing for for..forever. My junior high editorial events in UIL, my creation of a weekly newspaper at my high school, my internships at several different magazines, and my time away in New York all prepared me for this final chapter, where I would tie up loose ends and prepare for a career, adulthood, a “real” life.

But it’s week three, and I am nothing but disappointed, due to the following reasons:

-Information in Cyberspace: an online elective, that doesn’t really matter, in which I’m practicing html coding

-Cultures of Comparative Beauty: another elective with bi-weekly readings

-News Editing: taught by a professor who makes me doubt my abilities and future every single day

-Advanced Feature Writing: a history lesson from an 80-year-old man

-Magazine Writing & Production: directionless and disorganized ideas thrown out here, with no point

I’ve just been waiting for these upper-division courses, in my areas of interest and focus, which my family and I are paying big money for, and I feel I’m learning nothing.

So, going back to my title, either the esteemed University of Texas should whip into better shape…or I’m worse off than I thought and should be pushing myself like crazy, to spur myself into the real world…

wordy wednesday = woman writing 


2 thoughts on “wordy wednesday: steppin’ up the game

  1. Aw, Bri. I’m so sorry for your let down. You’re right, a school as “high-powered” as UT should easily have a strong journalism program. I know that you can rise above the stinkin’ disappointment, though. I think many, MANY of us find that we graduate from college, jump into the job for which we’ve prepared, and get slapped upside the head with the distress of, “nobody taught me how to do THIS!”


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