fashion · reflect

fashion friday: throwback

hair: surprisingly straightened

top: basic black tank

necklace: three chains crafted together by your’s truly

skirt: I seriously got this thing years ago…like at least ten. I remember lying on my grandparents’ floor, and I think we were all flipping through magazines to decide on Christmas gifts. The pink, the sparkle and the denim accents of this piece immediately caught my eye. After it was mine, though, I hardly ever remembering wearing it. But it was too unique to ever get rid of in one of our garage sales. Finally, a while back, I pulled it out of a drawer, tried it on and realized I could rock it, high-waist style. It made it’s debut yesterday, to give me luck during my new internship’s webinar (be on the look out for more news on that, fashionistas!).

shoes: a total steal/strappy sandals/Velcro action

fashion friday takes my love, my gift, my life and shares it with the world, explaining how stinkin’ awesome clothes and shoes and bags and earrings are, especially when done right


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