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bimonthly bethcya: remember these kids?

I would say reminiscing is a pastime of mine, and if I get to think back to child stars, then it’s an extra enjoyable time with me. Therefore, I present to you, my top three in current pop culture.

3. Remember when Charlie bit his brother’s finger? Well now the YouTube sensations are back – older and better – for none other than a Ragu commercial.

2. Our beloved Little Rascals are all grown up – and some love Myspace poses, while other rock Wal-mart name tags.

1. One of the films in this year’s Austin Film Festival was titled The Last Man(s) on Earth. Was it good? I don’t know, I covered Junk. Is it another apocolyptic movie? Couldn’t tell you. But does it star Billy the Blind Kid from a Thomas-family classic, Dumb and Dumber? You bet your fine patooty!

bimonthly betchya makes one feel a little less crazy, since “we’re all mad here,” and “down here we all float”



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