music monday: wait…i’m about to graduate college?!

It’s my last full month of college and Thanksgiving season, so I thought I’d use songs to walk us back through the years, looking at how I got to this glorious yet crazy time in my life…

Teeter Totter by Tanya Goodman – After a quick Google search, I found the lullaby of my childhood. This song talks of a small playground with a great big slide, something I could definitely relate to in Woodson. The greatest place on Earth, this tiny tiny town is like a big family – made up of teachers and church members, neighbors and kids you go to school with forever. I will always be grateful for growing up in the land of six-man football, which gave me more opportunities than I would have had elsewhere.

Wannabe by Spice Girls – Recess in elementary school was a time when us girls would fight over who was going to marry Aaron Carter and who was which Spice member (I was Posh, of course). I crank this song every time I hear it and instantly get in a good mood. I’m just so blessed, with so many awesome friends and grand memories, which started at a young age and has followed me this whole time!

I Will Carry on This Way by Chosen Few – Strangely enough, I became obsessed with a southern gospel group in junior high. Okay, so the group’s lead singer was Casey Ellison, so one could probably understand how I became interested (see below). The lyrics of this particular song preach originality and echo Robert Frost’s famed poem. I like how I was raised and how it’s made me always be true to myself, never caring what others think.…yum.

Forever Young by Stoney LaRue – The one not-so-hot thing about Woodson was being surrounded by country music. Some of the truths found in the twangy music are great, though, and this one was played at several graduations, reminding me how fast time flies and how to cherish every boyfriend every ballgame and every breath.

Crazy Beautiful Life by Ke$ha – The smiles followed me to Austin, where I landed in the exact right group of friends, place of residence and (eventually) college/major. My glittery girl is always there to remind me how fun these young years are. So even though I’m stressing about my next steps in life, I know that I will always have Woodson and that one night after the Homecoming football game and journalism and that one boss that was crazy and UT and that one party that I’ll never forget and my friends and family and fun…so ya me;)


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