bimonthly bethcya: ’tis the seaon…pretty muchly!

bet you’re not the only one who:

is beyond ready to put the Christmas tree up

Amanda Butler putting up our senior Christmas tree. BTW, I get to see me amore for my bday next weekend, cuz her and Kirstie Clark are the bestest πŸ™‚

has had, has or is going to get the icky head/nose/throat crap

loves Thanksgiving desserts > Thanksgiving entrees

feels lost when it comes to movies right now: scary ones are over, but Santa ones can’t begin

This may be the only film that works right now!

is desperately in need of fall break, T-giving break, Christmas break – a break!

is super-duper excited to see loved ones

a typical tissue paper-filled Christmas with the fam

bimonthly betchya makes one feel a little less crazy, since β€œwe’re all mad here,” and β€œdown here we all float”


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