taboo thursday: quirky cartoon chicas

Of course, I think the Disney movies from my childhood will always reign supreme in the animated film realm. However, every time I’ve watched one during my “adulthood,” they’ve been better and better. I love love the sadness and balloons in Up, Barbie and Ken in Toy Story 3 and the butt joke in Finding Nemo.

What I really adore, though, is the rise of quirky girls; I’ve seen several young characters whose unique personalities and fun outfits totally draw me in. And I’d love to share them with you!;)

First up, the middle sister in Despicable Me, Edith. Her nonchalant attitude and pink beanie give her a sort of tomboy feel. Plus, she’s a middle child, so instead of getting caught up in the leadership of her older sister or the cuteness of her younger one (okay, that character rocked, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog!), I zeroed in on her!

Edith…with a laser.

Secondly, I will hop on over to the world of television and reference the FOX cartoon Bob’s Burgers. Bob deals with many normal hardships on the show, all while running a restaurant and a family…a family that includes another fun daughter, Louise. Voiced by Kristen Schaal, this youngest child has wit I envy, pranks I laugh at and a hat I’d totally wear.

Kristen Schaal…

Last but not least, I’ll introduce you to Vanellope Von Schweetz from the new movie Wreck It Ralph. This girl is SO ultimately neat, in many ways/forms, but I can’t give too much away, because you MUST go see this! Her confidence and pizzazz were just TOO fun and inspiring to watch, though, in a land made up of Laffy Taffy and ice cream cones. Thank you, Sarah Silverman, for giving showing us that wearing mismatched tights and candy in our hair is acceptable.;)


taboo thursday usually involves juicy celeb gossip and always makes one think



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