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wordy wednesday: thankful for thanksgiving – and these other 99 things!

okay, here we go; 100 things i am thankful for this holiday season, in no particular order!

  1. thanksgiving: loved ones get together to watch Macy’s parade & football and eat TONS
  2. pie: probably my fave treat from this holiday, but i’ll take it any time of the year (fave – buttermilk…or pecan)
  3. cartoons: watching Looney Tunes as I type this, and I’m already excited for Macy’s giant Spongebob and Mickey Mouse balloons
  4. nyc: seriously, it’s…ahhh! dreams and beauty and fashion and life are there
  5. artic places: so that my beloved polar bears and penguins can live (kind of…go give to WWF!)
  6. (oppositely) beaches: despite a near-death experience, the sun and sand are sexy
  7. luck: the number seven, rabbit’s feet, God, god, clovers, crystal balls – enjoy the good in life!
  8. basketball: the noises, the adrenaline, the fans…
  9. music: so neat that there are a gazillion options, no matter you’re mood
  10. freedom: we forget how…wow…seriously, i heart the usa
  11. texas: from mesquite trees to cedars, snow to the beach, our land full of greatness and sweetness
  12. sweets: yes, i mentioned pie, but this is a shout-out to milk duds and puppie chow and reeses and tiff’s treats and etc.
  13. austin: what.a.city…amiright?
  14. woodson: the best place to grow up in out of the entire world
  15. friends: do you realize how amazing the people who truly stick by you are? be thankfulllll for them:)
  16. gum: such a relaxing time-waster
  17. r&r: oh, how i adore sitting on my bum and doing nothing
  18. health: yes. (hmm, maybe there is a weird bri-ish order, cuz i was on a roll of sorts..)
  19. decorations: antiques, new finds, holiday decor – glad i got the gene that loves it all!
  20. love: it’s a pretty nice thing;)
  21. antiques: the hunt and hand-me-downs make me crave unique vintage finds
  22. fashion: ohhemmgee, it’s all so great
  23. target: where i can get more than just clothes
  24. forever 21: where i could buy a whole ton load of clothes
  25. bosox: the dirty water, the curse, the pole and the monstah will always make me smile, no matter the score
  26. magazines: elle, glamour and intouch would be my favorites
  27. the sky: star-gazing = breath-taking
  28. lost: that show forever changed my life
  29. hilary duff: i still want to be her
  30. alexis bledel: and i ammm still rory to my mom’s lorelai-ness
  31. jessica biel: but i’ll always favor this chica, too!
  32. muscles: drooling over and working towards and making my bf happy
  33. coaching: loved spending all my childhood days at games, thanx to an athletic director for a dad
  34. pink: cuz there can’t be too much of it
  35. ut: glad that burnt orange bevo-ness led be to journalism
  36. travel: the world is a vast, beautiful place – and i want to see it all!
  37. cologne, germany: my one overseas visit, where i met the bf and fell in love with gothic architecture
  38. cats: they ruleee.
  39. salvador dali: i like him
  40. alice in wonderland: so trippy and quirky and neat
  41. disney: in general, we all owe him/it some gratitude:)
  42. cinderella: for passing on messages of obedience, shoe-loving, animal adoption, cheek-turning, craftiness and patience
  43. the riverwalk: have you guys been here? it’s gorg.
  44. mac’n’cheese: i could live off this stuff
  45. water: so refreshing and – thankfully – so accessible
  46. chances: (take em)
  47. bevo squarepants: poor gal’s suffered too much the past year, but i love my burnt orange toaster!
  48. dresses: i miss wearing big poofy ones, but i say ladies should try to wear them amap
  49. coffee: trust me, you’re thankful i have it, too
  50. nail polish: every shade, color, creation, decal
  51. creativity: i’d say it’s my favorite trait
  52. height: because it’s who you are! (and mine let’s me help people reach stuff……)
  53. bananas: yellow fruit that’s sweet
  54. photos: and how they take you back to yesteryear
  55. technology: as much as it can anger me, it’s so nice to type this on an HP while watching a flat-screen
  56. leather: cuz it smells soooooo good!
  57. pens: buying new ones, especially if they’re fat or sparkly, is such a thrill
  58. chicken express: for obvs reasons (and if you haven’t gone, i’ll gladly go with ya)
  59. wheat: it creates yummy rolls and yummier desserts
  60. glitter: i think i’m ke$ha, so i adore this color;)
  61. theathers: since it’s brilliant to sit in front of a huge screen while stuffing your face (Thomas family hobby!)
  62. air: guess i should include this
  63. hearts: that pump blood and that look pretty doodled on my papers
  64. paper: fresh, lined, blank, ready to be filled<3
  65. home: wherever or whatever that is to you, just stop and think about how great it is…
  66. dirt roads: i love the city, but the ease and comfort and warm’n’ fuzzies i get from the country is incomparable
  67. accents: like thumb holes in jackets or fringe on bags or textures on walls or grooves in chairs
  68. laughs: with an emphasis on the ones that make you cry and cramp
  69. books: cuz there’s nothing better than the smell and feel of a book – old or new!
  70. education: ain’t it nice to gain knowledge?
  71. gentlemen: chivalry is just so refreshing
  72. feminism: …but women are pretty rad, too
  73. babysitting: the greatest and cutest way to earn moolah
  74. “choc’it” milk: my family’s nightly ritual of wonderfulness
  75. zebra print: classy AND sassy
  76. pjs: my fave outfit is an ex’s baggy sweatshirt with some flannel ut pants
  77. leaders: whether in the classroom, in dc or overseas, im not going to complain, cuz we actually have it pretty good
  78. blessings: i come from some great stuff that i don’t deserve…
  79. social media: such a neat way to keep up with people:)
  80. weddings: as a girl, im kind of obsessed
  81. miniature items: too cute, right?
  82. hinged boxes: my collection is special and unique
  83. malls: though I am rethinking my cremation and spread here idea…
  84. animal places: you know, shelters, farms, zoos and pet stores!
  85. snail mail: (3543 greystone #1118 atx 78731;)
  86. dry erase boards: so tempting and sooo > gross chalk
  87. six-man football: seriously, the best game out there
  88. reality TV: I ❤ allll my girls!
  89. lazy days: so nice to just chill
  90. chick flicks: + chocolate + wine = perfection
  91. doodles: so cute:)
  92. home videos: can’t wait for my future fam to see lotsss of my bro (ew/ha)
  93. socks: but only if they’re colored and mismatched
  94. sharpies: these bad boys are so grand to write with
  95. parties: dressing up, consuming yummies and hanging with peeps be funnn
  96. comfort: it sucks to feel all awkward, so it’s nice to have people and places to go to and relax with and in;)
  97. blazers: i really like blazers
  98. affection: snuggles and kissies and huggsters and notes and flowers and mmm
  99. family: the beautiful loved ones in your life you should be enjoying right now!
  100. love: makes the world go round;)

wordy wednesday = woman writing 


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