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music monday: i’ve got records on the brain

Perhaps it’s the classical traditions of Christmas that have me in an old-timey, black-and-white mood, romantic, sophisticated mood. Listening to Bing Crosby croon everyday is something I’ll miss come January. Thankfully, TVs come with channels that give us this satisfaction instantly, but my parents have a few Christmas records, which I adore and which made me want this:

adorbs, huh?!
adorbs, huh?!

All these thoughts led me to think there are at least a few things every “adult” should have in life. I know this will stretch away from just a topic of music, but work with me.

I believe every elegant, civil human being should have a favorite:

-wine (I’m working on the sophisticated part, but I think mine is Barefoot Moscato..?)

-artist (Salvador Dali)


-poem (I did some research, and this is the best I can come up with!)

-form of exercise (I’ve been struggling with this! It used to be basketball. I have enjoyed yoga and running more. I love lifting with my boyfriend. Am I loser if I say P90x/Insanity DVDs?!)

-destination (I’ve only seen one European city…and Bora Bora looks so nice…)


-de-stresser (I heart brewing a little coffee, opening up a fashion mag, getting in my comfy pjs and curling up with my kitty.)

-museum (The three-way tie is Austin’s Bob Bullock, the Met and D.C.’s Nuseum.)

-architect (Frank Gehry)


-restaurant…that you would take a first date, not your hungover bestie (Ruth’s Chris)

-book (In Cold Blood)

-hobby…that isn’t Facebook (I’d saying reading…or writing…or cross-stitching…or crafting…)

 music monday discusses any lyric, song, or artist in a way that i am currently finding meaningful


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