fashion friday: thanx, santa!

I could go on and on about all the amazing, brilliant, crazy-good things about Christmas/last month…but instead I’ll focus on the daring, exciting, fab new things of 2013…specifically my new clothes;)

Exhibit A:

These brown ankle boots are heavenly! I can toughen up any look and look trendy no matter what! Thank you, Mom&Pop, for listening closely to me the past few months!












Bling ring, gold glitter, zebra print, penguins…these are a few of my favorite things! The ring was actually bought with a graduation gift card…the cardi, a holiday gift from my aunt…and the necklace, a surprise gift from the bf!













Last but not least:

Despite the blurriness, you can tell that my bro and I are stylin’ here, amiright? His TCU purpleyness compliments my silver&white combo well, making for a chic Christmas!













Thank you, everyone, for another great year! Here’s to a grand start to this one – for me and for you!

fashion friday takes my love, my gift, my life and shares it with the world, explaining how stinkinโ€™ awesome clothes and shoes and bags and earrings are, especially when done right


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