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thoughtful tuesday: regards to broadway, please

All I can think about is New York. I know blogs about small-town girls who wants to make it big are a dime a dozen, but…I’m different, right?

I mean, first off, I’ve always felt like I have a little something extra, coming from Woodson. People never believe that our population sign reads 296, that I graduated with seven, that my dad’s superintendent of the one school. And every time I’ve brought it up in a job interview or casual convo, I’ve gained a position or a friend.

Secondly, I like that I have this nice average girl thing going. Don’t I? Sure, I’m a helluva lot taller than your “normal” gal, and I may like bling more than some, but I personally believe I, like, draw people in with those larger-than-life things…then they find out I’m just some little country chick…but then they hear where I’ve been and see what I’ve done and enjoy what I wear…I guess I like that I am…conservatively glam? Modestly magnificent? Something like that…

Lastly, I have what it takes to make it. Yes, every Carrie Bradshaw-wannabe will tell you a story similar to mine: was writing stories at a young age, worked for their college newspaper, had some great internship, and knew their style and passion would lead them to the city. I’ve wanted it for so long, and when I got a taste of actually being there and working – just for two months – I confirmed my dreams.

And now that I’m done with school, it’s all I can think about. Of course, I have to refer make to point number two and remember to stay smart and savvy, meaning I wouldn’t move without a job. Therefore, for the past few months, I’ve applied like crazy, making connections, watching way too much Sex and the City and thinking about how possible and amazing it would and could be to sub to my Uptown office and type away columns about boys and Botox, love and life.

((Until that dream can be carried any further, though, I’m extremely grateful for Joe Mahan and his baby, Bloom Herbal Organics. Long story short, this North Carolinian wanted a life-changing and all-natural product for his allergies, decided to make his own and now has a business that is booming! Since he hired me to do his social media/PR/marketing/customer service/other random assistance-needed errands, I know first-hand that being endorsed by Dr. Frank Lipman, Austin Monthly and FOX in San Antonio has led to TOO many orders coming in…We may be backed up, but we’re successful and thriving and super stoked!…Also, this wasn’t going to be sales pitchy until I realized the only people who read this are, like, the ones who really love me…So you should totally try some Bloom out…It really is pretty fab!;))

thoughtful tuesday is my crazy-beautiful mind, thrown up onto this screen


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