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wondrous wednesday: what is love

 Love. How many times has that word been typed, doodled and spoken cheesily on the big screen? It’s always out there, floating around, doing its thing, yet…does anyone get it? Like, truly grasp what this little word is all about?

I’ve been in a serious relationship for exactly two years today. It feels like longer, since I’ve known Tommy (and been crazy about him) since I was 16. Other times, though, I’m like, “22 is so young. I’m practically still a baby! Yikeslifeisscary!”

This post isn’t about my relationship’s ups and downs (I’ll just say…We’ve had plenty.). It’s instead about, well, love. I want to explore it with you, friend! It means something different for everyone, yes, but I hope you hold onto something here and that you realize all the love in your life and stay extremely thankful for it.

My roommate loves Whole Foods. She loves it. I think she sleeps there some nights. She also loves studying journalism, playing tennis, chit-chatting on the phone with her mom and making her own granola bars. What she doesn’t always love is the fact that she’s single. And she’s probably going to kill me if she sees this, but I’m here to celebrate this fact! I barely even remember what it was like to be single (so I can’t imagine how I’ll feel after, like, 50 years of marriage…but I wouldn’t change a thing), but I’m pretty sure it was fun, right? Sure, there were lonely nights and times you just wanted your head to rest on a muscular shoulder while watching The Notebook, but mostly, you felt free and independent and strong and sexy and young and wild.

Takeaway #1: Look at Samantha Jones…Single is supaaa sexy, sucka.


Having three older brothers, my dad was apparently “stuck” with the Red Sox as a child. His interest started at an early age, and – of course – the bittersweet suckage pulled him in, and now our homes are donned with Boston lamps and coasters and swimsuits and clocks. I don’t know if you know much about the BoSox, but their journey is never smooth. We give them all our love and devotion during baseball season, and we usually end up disappointed, but us Chowdaheadz stay strong and spirited!

Point Dos: Love isn’t always easy (or a two-way street or fun or happy…), but commitment is usually worth it!

Jonathan Papelbon

(Reader’s Warning: More than likely, all these words are loose and flexible and based merely on my little life, ha.)

One of my good friends has also been in a serious relationship for a while, but when she sees her ex…She’s completely in love with her current boo, but I guess she just can’t let go of the fact that this other guy was her first kiss, the first guy she took home, etc. Sure, will always have some sort of feelings for exes, but it’s kind of unhealthy to dwell too much, especially if you both have really moved on and are with new people. I’m beyond sentimental, though, so I get it; I still every gift/card any guy has ever given me ever, but it’s all about balance. As long as you’re just looking back at the past and smiling that it was so great…instead of smiling at your ex every chance you get to try to win him back…you’re probably good!

Third Thing: Cherish what you’ve had, live in what you have and look forward to what’s yet to come.


wondrous wednesday is here to inspire


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