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manly monday: reality tv

rare things: four-leaf clovers, flying pigs, clean public restrooms, coffee better than Starbucks’ and males who like reality tv


amazing things: the outfits found on harvin and meyer eadon, boho headbands, persians in la and kyle richard’s hair



my boyfriend would prefer not to sit around with me and watch all my shows.

how could pretty women and fast cars and bitchy slaps not draw you in, though?!

on big rich atlanta, the cattiness is even crazier than usual.

what attracts me more than anything, however, is the above.

harvin and meyer have the neatest names and looks and clothes!

so lady gaga-ish!

all the atlanta women also love to rock gypsy-esque-ness on their heads.

and i scored a great one for $1.23 at pac sun!

shahs of sunset also brings the crazy – and recently ended.

thankfully, i have a zillion real housewives to keep me going.

they’re all about lotsa gold and extravagant food spreads and insane partying.

they have definitely crept up into my top three, though!

i recently read kyle’s book.

this made me love her even more.

and just look at that mane!

pretty mama…

manly monday discusses all things dude-ish-like


2 thoughts on “manly monday: reality tv

  1. Hi!!! Just did a search on Big Rich Atlanta and this was one of the blogs that came up ;))) I’m Harvin from BRA and just wanted to say thanks and that we love that you love our crazy style! ;))) xoxo

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