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thoughtful tuesday: what to do with old mags

I hate grocery shopping. The stores are always way too cold, I never know what to buy (that’s reasonable!), and I can think of SO many other things I’d rather be doing.

However, when I finally get in line to checkout, there is one tiny moment where I feel like I’m in heaven.

Channing Tatum grinning at me from the cover of People…Kim Kardashian’s sexist new look luring me in on InTouch…and, omg, TWO different Real Housewives in Life&Style!

As you can imagine, I have accumulated quite a few publications over the years, with my fascination of juicy celeb gossip, interest in general journalism and passion for fashion.

I also hate to be wasteful or to get rid of perfectly fine things, so I would never just toss them out when done reading.

So what DO I do with all those glossy fun-filled pages…?

Step #1: Admit You Have a Problem, Ha: I sorted through the mags, deciding which ones I could definitely live without and which ones I thought would be super sad to part with.

Step #2: The Keep Pile: I had to position my can’t-live-without mags strategically around my new place. Some, which had feature stories of people I adored or just overall really good articles, I lined up on a bookshelf; they’re there if/when I need them, but they’re also serving as the perfect decor for someone like me! Others, that seemed really catchy or had pieces that were pretty popular, I stacked on my coffee table, within reach of guests who – God forbid – got bored.

Step #3: I then took a couple from the get-rid-of pile and hid them as back-up, because with creativity like mine, I’m always looking for new scrapbook backgrounds, unique wrapping paper, environmentally-friendly coasters, etc.

Confession: I didn't make these...I bought some...but making a decorative bowl from mags is on my to-do list!
Confession: I didn’t make these…I bought some…but making a decorative bowl from mags is on my to-do list!

Step #4: The Leftovers: The many many many remaining items were donated to schools (yay crafts) and doctors’ offices or recycled (go green).

The rest of the steps I left for you: How have you/could you put an InStyle to good use?!


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