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fashion friday: trending vocab

Believe it or not, this post is a fashion friday that isn’t filled with photos of me!

I’m sorry I love sharing my joy and outfits!

But I decided to spare you this time!

And I’m stretching the “fashion” part to something else that is trendy and in!

I give you:

Words/phrases I have loved picking up from television!


1. “Joon” (meaning dear), Shahs of Sunset: As in, “Tommy-Joon, I love you!” Cute, eh?

MJ and her GG-Joon;)
MJ and her GG-Joon;)

2. “Bud” (as a term of endearment between sisters), Big Rich Atlanta: As in, “Hey, Cat! How ya doin’, Bud?” It’s nice, yes?

Harvin and her bud Meyer;)
Harvin and her bud Meyer;)

3. “Milk Steak” (exactly what it sounds like), Always Sunny In Philadelphia: As in, “While you’re fixing me that yummy slab of meat, why don’t you just go ahead and boil it in milk, like Charlie likes it!”

ohhhhh, charlie day...;)
ohhhhh, charlie day…;)


1. “Brilliant-Beyond-Brilliant Idea (you know, a good idea), The Parent Trap: Sure, this may be a thing that has been said before, but as soon as Lindsay Lohan uttered the words, I adopted the phrase and still use it today.

I was always Annie, and my friend, also an MJ, was  Hallie;)
I was always Annie, and my friend, also an MJ, was Hallie;)

2. “Really Really” (in a British accent), Shrek: Anytime someone asks me, “Really?” I can’t help but reply like the ol’ ogre himself.

3. “See you in another life, brotha” (also in a Brit-like accent), Lost: If an immediate family member or my boyfriend tell me they’ll see me later, I may reply, “Or in anotha’ life, brotha’,” because I’ll never be over The Island.

Jack and Des :(
Jack and Des 😦

fashion friday takes my greatest passion and shares it with the world


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