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wondrous wednesday: i stress a bit usually most of the time

the tagline for my “wondrous wednesday” posts says it’s here to inspire. and usually a hot pic of jessica biel will happily make me work out or an uplifting adventure in life will remind me how awesome stuff is. however, bad things can be inspiring, too, and that is what today’s rant is about.

it’s just been an ick week: that time of the month, rainy weather, rejected on a job i really wanted, so now the stress of where do i live and what do i do with my life, a major screw-up at work that was completely my fault…

but all the while, i have a roof over my head, an awesome cat, a regular workout regimen…

so im just being selfish, right?

cuz i stress. a lot. and so, like, when i didn’t get the job, my parents and bf all gave me speeches to lift my spirits. and when i messed up at work, my boss stayed super patient and let it slide.

so, here’s where my bigger prob comes in…

i then just feel guilty! im aware that there are totally unfair, horrid and scary things happening in our world – even right where i live. and i knowww i have it madeee compared to the majority of the world (just cuz that’s the hand i was dealt). and i ammm super grateful.

but i feel like, with a balanced mindset, it isss okay to fret over tiny things. like, kim kardashian isss kim kardashian, and she probably shouldn’t go on and on about how ugly she is cuz of one tiny pimple…but if she is having a rough pregnancy and unsure of how to handle it, it’s okay to cry to her fam about it.

(sorry, another kardashian tangent!)

my point is, stress is normal. but it’s hard when i have amazing surroundings…people who put up with my crying far too well…

i guess i should just forealsss be happy.

i mean…i am…i should be…no reason not to be.



i think im better!

thanx, interwebz;)

wondrous wednesday is here to inspire


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