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btw betchya: bravo, BRAVO, bravo;)

Seriously, bravo to Bravo, the station of my dreams. It offers all the reality TV I could want and then some. And it goes even further, as Style, which airs Big Rich Atlanta , is under the same network, NBCUniversal. And this isn’t even covering the fact that Universal = awesome movies, the biggest and baddest theme park out there…Okay, I’m getting off track.

Bravo. Let’s talk about these shows, in order of how much I love them…

  1. The Real Housewives of Orange County: The original blonde babes, who always deliver.
  2. Shahs of Sunset: I may feel a little ashamed I’m letting a non-RH show this high on the list, but GG’s feistiness  Mike’s smile, Reza’s shoes and overall MJ encaptured me!
  3. The Real Housewives of New Jersey: They’re brunette, all about family and have just the right amount of love and drama.
  4. Watch What Happens Live: This has to make the list, because I want Andy to switch teams for me…and I like his celeb-guests and little games.
  5. RHOBH: I really suck at ordering things, because we’ve got Kyle’s hair, Lisa’s closet and Brandi’s mouth…love it!
  6. RHOM: I only recently started really enjoying this group…and I don’t mind looking at Romain.
  7. Miss Advised: I almost forgot about this! When will it return! I really enjoyed the sexy trio.
  8. Most Eligible Dallas: I was surprisingly into watching this younger crowd, but they’re hot AND Texans.
  9. RHONY: Yes, they are Housewives, but with no Bethenny, they’re low on my list.

…and the ones I’m looking forward to…

  1. Courtney Loves Dallas: From my previous list’s number eight, this fashionista has a wardrobe I’m ready to watch.
  2. Princesses of Long Island: It’s about spoiled, pretty ladies, so yes, I’ll be tuning in.
  3. Newlyweds: The First Year: I watched the first episode Monday night, and we’ve got glitter-galore, a taking-it-too-far bridezilla and adorbs gays…I’m in!

…as well as the ones I (gasp!) could live without…

  1. Kathy: c.a.n.n.o.t..s.t.a.n.d..h.e.r..
  2. America’s Next Top Model: And I don’t care for Tyra either. Plus, model shows make me jelly.
  3. Top Chef: Take your foodz to The Food Network.
  4. Around the World in 80 Plates: (Read the above.)

btw betchya will hopefully make you see we’re not all mad here


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