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tight thursday: money is tight

This personal blog shows that things are tight a. between my loved ones and b. financially. 

I’ve officially hit the post-grad, young adult life.

Yes, I’ve been out of college for several months now, and I’ve technically been an adult for almost five years, but things got real recently.

I don’t have a full-time position, with a yearly salary and all those adult-y benefits.

I do have a part-time job that works me, like, 30 hours a week, plus babysitting at least six days a week for four different kids.

However, it’s time to start paying off student loans and bills…time to start suffering.


So, here is my in-between-parental-support-and-being-a-real-adult-who-pays-for-her-whole-family financial advice to you:

1. Contrary to beliefs, you CAN live without DVR recording of The Real Housewives.

My first step in saving money was to cut back on cable by just going basic. If you know how much Bravo I watch, you will understand that, yeah, it’s annoying to try and catch all my shows. But I’m not dumb: I know TV is not a necessity.

2. So you wana be skinny, eh?

My boyfriend and I love eating together, but now, we don’t eat out as much and go grocery shopping way less. Furthermore, buying off-brands can add up and help out, too, which I thankfully have always been okay with.

3. Be crafty and courageous and careful.

I’ve done plasma-donating, craigslist-selling and random work for people (like bamboo-sitting). A little money here and there – rather than just sitting at home, wishing you had twenty more dollars – can actually do something.

Uhm…that’s actually all I have. I don’t really know what I’m doing. But I’m surviving. And I assume that more stability comes as people get older and more settled (at least I hope this is a real thing and not just some fantasy I’ve always associated with grown-ups)…Going to go color in my Spongebob coloring book now!;)

tight thursday shows how much i admire my loved ones


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