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thoughtful tuesday: moving tips

I lived in the same house my whole life. Well, okay, I moved into it when I was one, but for all my life I remember, I was crawling up the same steep stairs to my room, hanging out in the same decorated backyard and washing my hands at the same white kitchen sink.

A larger, short-haired, prom-ready me in my high school senior room (mattress on floor, lots of colored things, a huge bear from my bf and V-Day balloons).

When it came time to move away from home and attend college, I was ecstatic. Like any young adult, I was dreaming of freedom and parties and individualism. Plus, I still got to visit home, not losing the memories and home-cooked meals.

Then it all began, though. Each year, my lease would end on my student apartment, meaning I’ve now moved, like, four times in four years.

Mom and Tan helping me move out of Hardin House after freshman year.
Mom and Tan helping me move out of Hardin House after freshman year.

My first two years in Austin, I had furnished rooms, so I only had to bring my clothes, accessories, wall hangings, school supplies and bathroom necessities. These alone add up to…a lot, though.

So when I added furniture for a living room, patio, kitchen and bedroom – plus cat stuff, a bike and even more decorations…It takes several vehicles/loads to get all of this done.

Where I actually spent a bit of time sophomore year, with a view of the Tower.
Where I actually spent a bit of time sophomore year, with a view of the Tower.

And here I go again! And I’m kind of a pro;) So here are some tips…

All in: Come early, stay late, wear grunge and be fast. Be really fast: Move boxes, go back, move more, … Careful, though: You’re bound to drop something, so get your cat-like reflexes ready. Distribute: Everyone should have a task, and the wimpy girl shouldn’t be struggling with the huge couch. Eat now and then: You’ll get cranky on this day, so have donuts or Cheetos lying at random grab stations. Finish, no matter what: As with the first rule, you just got to keep going, so on day two, you only have a few finishing touches, then you can enjoy.

loved living alone junior year...
loved living alone junior year…

Guzzle water:  This is a workout, so stay hydrated, too. Have everything ready: When the few friends/fam do show to help, have wall hangings down, dishes packed away and your game face on. Ignore problems: Notice a rip in some jeans as Dad is carrying them out? Hem ’em later, honey. Juggle: That’s what the whole day is about, literally and figuratively. Keep rooms organized: It’s best to load all the living room furniture together to be carried straight into the new living room. Let anyone/everyone help: You know that creepy neighbor you avoided all semester? His able body is now your best friend. Manage wisely: Don’t be a move-zilla but still be able to efficiently tell people where things go, what to be extra careful with, etc. Never use U-Haul storage: One bad experience there = bye-bye, business. Own up to your junk: “Alllll these boxes of Oreos are your’s?” “You still sleep with stuffed animals?” Yes and yes! Put clothes on a rod: Keep outfits hanging by transporting them on a spare curtain rod. Quit worrying that your bf’s roomie is holding that trunk all wrong: As long as nothing gets totally smashed, you have to put caution and OCD a littttle to the side and focus on getting everything out. Rid yourself: Your pre-moving day would be a good time to donate old items.

Casa de Bri-Brie (for me and my roomie, Brionne), where Cat can gaze through bamboo and people can enjoy coffee outside.
Casa de Bri-Brie (for me and my roomie, Brionne), where Cat can gaze through bamboo and people can enjoy coffee outside.

Stuff your stuff: Cram as many socks, pillows and DVDs into one trash bag as possible…and then some more. Take time to clean: Before people start loading your furniture into vans (way before), you should dust shelves and vacuum cat air (Your allergic Mom will thank you.), and afterwards, leave your old apt clean to avoid charges (Trust me, they won’t think it’s good enough and still make you pay.). Use “recycled” boxes: I hardly ever need moving boxes, because my trunk, storage bins, laundry hamper and bookshelves usually help hold a great deal of my crap. Very thorough, you should be: Re-check every drawer and nook again. Whip things into place: In your new digs, don’t worry about setting everything up exactly perfect at first; just get it all in the right room. Xcitement: This IS a thrilling time, so have fun amidst the stress! You should be thankful: Thank your helpers (Gosh, I hope you have some!) periodicially and know that you’ll probably have to return this favor someday. Zap!: Before you know it, you’ll be in a fresh place with a clean kitchen and different wall arrangements…so enjoy (and throw a house-warming party)!

fireplace and housewives in the new loft;)

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