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wondrous wednesday: my housewife obsession – the story continues

as i sit and watch the 100th episode of the real housewives of orange county im like whattt the heck?! where did the time go?? why am i not a housewife or bravo employee yet?? and how did i survive before these ladies?!;)

i understand thinking the drama is dumb and the show is pointless…but it’s not ok!!! the relationships, fashion, trips and luxury is something i can only dream of…so i live through them!

i’ve watched the series showcase the trashy oc angels and – thankfully – transition into these powerhouse women who argue over their businesses, wedding rings, parties and boyfriends.

i’ve grown from being curious about the original blondes to being obsessed with each of the cities plus shahs, newlyweds and eligible dallasonians.

so in honor of this obsession of mine being so old im going to cover some of the greatest aspects of the franchise…


abode: vicki’s kitchen (despite her craziness, my mom and i have always been fond of this charming room)


outfit: tamra’s wedding dress (breathtaking. couldn’t be happier for her!)

yay pink!
yay pink!

looks: this show wins for prettiest kids

raquel-curtin-myspace Shane-Keough

jeana's shane, lynn's raquel & laurie's ashley
jeana’s shane, lynn’s raquel & laurie’s ashley

moment: today, i’ll say the “did you go to bass lake?!” accusation (so memorable, tamra!)


abode: lisa’s entire house (especially that dang closet!)

villa rosa
villa rosa

personality: brandi (i used to not like her, but hearing what comes out of that tall, skinny, pretty chica…i like!)


outfit: kyle’s (she’s one of my faves, and i want her hair)

child star to flowy-topped fashionista!
child star to flowy-topped fashionista!

moment: def the girls tumbling around the hotel room (so fun!)


life: carole’s (i mean, hello, journalism + kennedys!)

long cool woman in a black coat...
long cool woman in a black coat…

personality: heather (holla at that yummie gal!)

haha...love it/her!
haha…love it/her!

hubby: bethenny’s ex, jason (mostly cuz he looks like former bosox ss nomar!)


moment: gosh…i guess any time the girls i like (really only the ones above, ha) make the ones i don’t like (really all the blondes) look even more crazy (ramona’s eyes, alex’s whole life, kelly’s jelly beans…)


outfit: teresa’s green reunion dress (idc about the comments – she looked pretty again!)

christmas pageant beauty
christmas pageant beauty

looks: good lookin’ fams!


chris, jac & ash laurita and albie manzo
chris, jac & ash laurita and albie manzo

person to dislike: danielle staub (over anyone, in any city)

...or beverly or whoever she is
…or beverly or whoever she is

moment: im obligated to say the table flip, right?


looks: lisa’s twin assets (remember that one time i told her they were great on wwhl?!)


outfit: lea’s necklaces (if her neck wasn’t always pretty, id dislike her more)


hubby: joanna’s


moment: they haven’t been around as long, and the drama is seriously not as there as, say, jersey or cali…but i guess…the confrontation with karent about soap opera romeo dude cheating…??


hubby: kroy (with a closeeeee second of apollo and close third of todd!)

love these two!
love these two!

abode: kandi’s (nice new digs, hon!)


outfit: cynthia (i like that she takes chances)

i mean, she doesss own a modeling agency...
i mean, she doesss own a modeling agency…

moment: kenya vs. portia (we learn all about being gone with the wind fabulous)


andy cohen of course! sometimes wish a was a gay man, just for him. he’s adorable and funny and gretchen explaining his back-and-forthedness during reunions…so true and wonderful! (thank you for making all of this possible, ac!)

...and let's not forget THIS
…and let’s not forget THIS

wondrous wednesday is here to inspire



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