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fashion friday: the two girls i’m admiring are…

Ashlee Holmes and Ashley Benson

The one with two e’s was introduced to the world through The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but now she blogs for Buzznet and is paving her own fun and stylish road in LA.

She’s often seen in this adorbs hat (and with Jonathon  Cheban?!)…


She loves jewelry and tats maybe even more than I do (the latter fosho;)…


And she also has this grungy yet sophisticated thing going on (which is in/something I strive towards!)…


However, probably no one rocks classy-grunge better than our other Ash, who is mostly know for her lead role in Pretty Little Liars. If you’re Facebook friends with me, you’ll notice that she has also had some minor movie roles we forget about – like as a Six Chick in 13 Going on 30 – and some we want to forget about – such as this year’s Spring Breakers.

Anyway, look at the greatness…


She’s always rockin’ just a beanie and a tee yet looking so put together and cool…


She’s just effortless and…her (as is co-star Shay Mitchell;)!


Plus, a tutu and overalls…They’ve always been fashionable;)

large-msg-131172874936 Ashley-Benson-Instagram-02-jpg_231403

fashion friday takes my greatest passion and shares it with the world


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