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thoughtful tuesday: the reality of post-grad life

There are expectations when it comes to anything. When we’re young, we play out accepting our first award or school and dream about getting our first kiss. Later in life (based on how we’re raised, where we live, etc.), we expect to earn the grades/job we work towards and are aware how we’ll spend our evenings and weekends (according to our hobbies, income, etc.).

And, of course, as adults, we know that life throws curveballs. We all experience tragedy, surprises and newness, as these are the things that shape us even more.

However, sometimes life just doesn’t add up. I could go on about problems in the Middle East and sadness in undeveloped countries. You could tell me about homeless people in your communities or the sad animals on those awful commercials. I have a passionate heart, and all that brings tears to my eyes, and I am thankful everyday for a roof over my head and all my limbs.

So, I know that on a worldly scale, I’m considered, perhaps, well-off and A-OK. On a personal scale, though, things just aren’t living up to my expectations.

This post isn’t a pity-party, believe me. It’s instead a little venting put on top of a lot of info/encouragement for other adventurous 20-somethings, unemployed 30-somethings and up to dissatisfied 80-somethings.

I graduated top of my class (only four short years ago), got accepted into the University of Texas and experienced multiple journalism jobs/internships, including a summer one in the Big Apple. Just that sentence made me think I’d be fine when it came to applying for jobs after college. I yearned for more writing in NYC but was okay with covering anything, anywhere.

looks easy enough
looks easy enough

Fast-forward a few months, when I ended up doing part-time social media for a wellness company. It wasn’t Elle, but I was excited about my first post-grad position. And since it was only part-time, I was still able to babysit, workout, tan and do fashion writing for an online magazine that led to unpaid yet amazing/stylish Austin adventures.

Now I’ll bring you to present day, where, yes, I still have time for a social life, still get to work for the wellness company and even get to travel to NY again with the fashion site for Fashion Week!

But, that doesn’t bring in a great deal of money. And THAT’S what makes the world go ’round, right? And because I need I quick fix to be able to pay bills in an easier way, I need to a. donate plasma every two days (Oh, wait, I can’t, because when I went the other day, they damaged a nerve.) b. win the lotto (Oh, wait, it takes money to buy tickets.) or c. This surprise thing that I’ve attempted multiple times and had people suggest I do.

ugh. see how far worse it could be?!
ugh. see how far worse it could be?!

I can’t share my idea, because – as I learned during Texas Style Council 2013  – it’s mine, and I need the money! Also, when people talk about their grand ideas, they release hormones  in themselves that excite them too much…when instead, they (I!) should be focusing on all the work ahead!

So until this is complete and bringing home dough, I will tell you this:

you know, a secret, like this, in 15 minutes!!!
you know, a secret, like this, in 15 minutes!!!

LIVE: If you’re unhappy, you should get out there (wherever you’re “out” may be) even more! You should give to charities and volunteer at shelters (karma, baby!). And you should open your eyes – every day and maybe even minute – to the rest of the world.

You have dreams for a reason, and you have this time on purpose – use it and do it!

thoughtful tuesday is my crazy-beautiful mind, thrown up onto this scre


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