manly monday: let’s get physical (again. finally.)

MYTH: I date a trainer, so I’m working out all the time.

TRUTH: Sadly, I think he’s given up on me. He is dedicated, at the gym all the time, while I…haven’t been…in a bit…and LOVE desserts.

MYTH: I’m tall, so I have a body like a model.

TRUTH: Yes, I AM thankful for a long figure, but everyone has problem areas, and I’m not thankful that my fat gathers around my hips.

MYTH: Since I’m not in an office 9-5, I have all the time in the world to workout.

TRUTH: Okay, fine; this is half-true, and I’m already regretting NOT making the most of the free-ish time I’ve had since graduating college.


I’ve put together a ease-back-into regimen, one that will keep it varied (for fun), work different things (for max muscle use) and lead into longer/harder/more what I’m used to sessions!

I actually started this a few days ago, to make it a 25-day countdown until I leave for New York Fashion Week, but picking anytime to move/work anything, anywhere will count and help you out!

    • (thanks to Ben Greenfield, host of the Get-Fit Guy podcast and to be repeated three times)
    • 50 jumping jacks
    • 15 body weight squats
    • 15 push-ups
    • 15 lunges per side
    • 15 dips
  1. rows and abs and plies
  2. Dreya rolls and quick feet and push-ups
  3. kickboxing
  4. sidekicks and over-head press
  5. abs and jumps
  6. (from celeb instructor Kristen McGee) Do 10 sun salutations, 5 Surya Namaskara A, five Surya Namaskara B
  7. mountain climbers and burpees
  8. rows and push-ups and plies
  9. squats and over-head press
  10. back kicks and abs
  11. yoga day
  12. mountain climbers and Dreya rolls
  13. heismans and curls and quick feet
    • (yay Peak Performance’s Joe Dowdell and yay for doing this three times)
    • 10-12 DB Goblet Squats
    • AMRAP (“As Many Reps As Possible”) Push Ups
    • 10-12 Romanian DB Deadlifts
    • 10-12 Chin Ups (band assisted if necessary)
    • 10-12 Standing DB Push Press
    • 30 second Prone Plank
  15. kickboxing
  16. walking lunges with shoulder press
  17. yoga day
  18. burpees and romanian deadlift
  19. squats and rows
  20. single-leg curls and abs
  21. romanian deadlift and curls
  22. jumps and push-ups
  23. yoga day
  24. fly to nyc…lug your luggage…hail a cab…find your place to stay…cover fashion shows…MY KIND OF WORKOUT;)

Hopefully this has inspired you to get up off’a that thing, even if it is to do lunges on your way to the fridge, ha.

You can also check out this neat piece, with 15 workout tips (like consistency and the buddy system)!


manly monday discusses all things dude-ish-like


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