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btw betchya: 52 weeks of lists (summer bucket list)

There is a certain pinner on Pinterest who somehow made herself practically famous on the site. We’ve all seen the research on how pinning certain things at certain times can apparently up your chances of getting it viewed out there, but I personally believe that her unique and meaningful content is the number one reason for her success. One example of said content is an idea she started this year about lists.

Like me, she loves making lists, so she decided to start pinning/blogging a list every week of the year; maybe a list of wanted gifts around Christmastime and then a random list of good books some time in the spring.

I’m following suit, beginning with my SUMMER BUCKET LIST. Some of my friends have reported seeing yellow leaves, so I knew I had to finish up any sun-soaking plans I had…


1. I miss Kauai.

2. …and Tommy graduated!

3. Tan & I finally got to go w/ our SOs.

4. Snagged a standing globe!

5. I work several random gigs…

6. tennis, hiking, yoga…and TV time:/

7. It’s baaack!

8. will accomplish this weekend..?!

9. Come to ATX for this.

10. wasn’t on list but did for 1st time:)


So, as you can see, this is just a fun little excuse for me to make another list…and maybe you’ll start to (even if it is just to remind yourself to do laundry and pay bills.) Now go enjoy the end of summer!!!

btw betchya will hopefully make you see we’re not all mad here


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