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thoughtful tuesday: freakin’ NYFW

As someone who has wanted to be in the fashion industry her whole life, tomorrow is a pretty big day. Traveling to New York, at any time, for any reason, is already a big deal, especially to a girl who dreams of it everyday. Going there for the Super Bowl of fashion, though…My mind is still spinning.

Thanks to Fashionably AustinI will be attending New York Fashion Week with media credentials, meaning I will get to trek around the tents, mingle with the models, stalk some stars and take it all in at the end of each runway.

My more loyal readers know that a. I’ve been struggling with the whole post-grad, full-time career thing and that b. if I got write about fashion in the Big Apple, I’d be as happy as Carrie Bradshaw.  Therefore, it’s hard not to feel a million different things about this upcoming week…

First off, NYC alone always puts me on a high, one where I can’t imagine leaving, feel as chic as everyone on the Upper East Side and tell myself that someday I will be a “real” journalist.

To make matters even more amazing (ha), I’m really truly there for NYFW. I will literally be in a spaces filled with designers and editors. I am actually going to see these looks, (hopefully) snag some comments on these looks and then write my heart away about the looks. (EEE!:)

Finally, we have the pressure points; I run on stress, and if I didn’t have OCD-filled lists and worries pushing me, my house would be a wreck and I wouldn’t have the fun social media jobs I possess. So, I know that this always-present anxiety + the hustle and bustle of work will = a frantic Bri. But I hope that I am just able to 1. crank out stylish, coherent and enjoyable work (Be checking the FA website to stay up-to-date on the happenings!) 2. see at least one celeb (I mean, come on, of course I wish for this!) and 3. get my business card into at least one hand (It may not be Nina Garcia, but if one neat blogger or stylist remembers me at the end of the shows, that’d be neat!).

Did you catch my new pink'n' purple personal cards, FA "Fashion Editor" cards and awesomely blingy card holder..??
Did you catch my new pink’n’ purple personal cards, FA “Fashion Editor” cards and awesomely blingy card holder..??

All that being said, be sure to check in tomorrow the 4th through Sunday the 8th for my first-timer blogs on NYFW, and keep tuning in to all of Fashionably Austin’s sites for the rest of New York’s shows and all of Austin’s stylish goodness after that!

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