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wondrous wednesday: nyfw update #1

NYFW Update #1:
We left Austin at 6:40 AM, arriving to a beautiful apartment, only a few blocks from Lincoln Center!
fireplace + built-ins
fireplace + built-ins
living + mona lisa
living + mona lisa
loft + look down
loft + look down
We also got to meet a Project Runway model right off the bat (and I definitely know some series secrets now;)!
cheryl + brianna holmes
cheryl + brianna holmes
There was a lot of waiting and walking and sitting and settling (to prepare for tomorrow’s blog-worthy day!), so we had time to, for instance, stop into this pretty church, making the day less about fashion and more about perspective and patience.
Sorry today’s post is…lacking. Please stay tuned to alllll social media, glitter&life, Fashionably Austin, Bloom Herbal Organics, Blue Glue, Lucky Lou Shoes…All my businesses are gona get some NYFW loveeeee;)
wondrous wednesday is here to inspire



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